Maskerade by Terry Pratchett

Back again to Discworld and another of Sir Terry’s excellent books.

This time Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg decide to visit Agnes Nitt (or Perdita) as she tries to make it in the opera.

Cue lots of humour and mystery, as the witches try to stop the Phantom (for it is, of course, he) killing more people and destroying the Opera House. Sir Terry manages to drop in quite a few barbs about the ridiculousness of the whole set up, but seems, at least to me, to have a love fr it nonetheless. I will need to drop some of Nanny Ogg’s explanations into my discussions with my opera loving friends (if indeed I had any!)

The show, of course, must go on!

Greebo the cat plays another two footed walk on role as well.

We have a few red herrings and a redemption/transformation story told too.

The coach journey from Lancre to Ankh-Morpork is wonderful and one can almost be in the carriage with the witches – or at least for the five minutes until one insists on taking a place up top?

As is always the case – excellent.

Score 9/10

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